Who is killed by the Burmese tiger trap in "The Most Dangerous Game"?

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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One of General Zaroff's best hunting dogs falls into the Burmese tiger pit which Rainsford has constructed.

After having built a Malay man-catcher, which wounded the general only slightly because he leaped back when he touched it as he immediately sensed danger since he was familiar with such a trap, Rainsford has found that he must resort to other methods of survival and defense. So, he has constructed a Burmese tiger pit, a very deep hole covered with brush, branches, and leaves, woven together to form a carpet that disguises the deadly hole. If the prey falls through this covering, there are sharpened stakes waiting to impale the victim.

When he finished the construction of the Burmese tiger pit, Rainsford has hidden behind the stump of a tree so that he can rush out and make certain that his victim cannot free himself. Listening carefully, footsteps heard have seemed to be too swift to Rainsford for one so careful as General Zaroff. Then, he realizes why: it is the dog, not the general, who has been caught and killed by the trap.

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