In "The Jilting of Granny Weatherall," most critics understand the title to refer to two jiltings. Can you just jusitfy this interpretation?

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You are right in identifying the subtlety of the title. The first jilting is of course easy to identify, as it refers to the jilting that Granny Weatherall suffered so long ago and which seems to dominate and impact her still, even though it is years later and she is on the verge of death. Although she appears to be defiant and wants to "get back" at George, the man who jilted her, we can detect that really there is an immense sadness over her loss that her subsequent life and marriage did not entirely erase:

Yes, she had changed her mind after sixty years and she would like to see George. I want you to find George. Find him and be sure to tell him I forgot him. I want him to know I had my husband...

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