Glengarry Glen Ross by David Mamet

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Are Moss, Aaronow, and Levene desperate?

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In Glengarry Glen Ross some of the salesmen are becoming demoralized because they aren't "closing." They may not realize it, but their problem is that the general public is getting wise to the scams that are being perpetrated all over the United States. The typical scam was to buy a large section of very cheap land in a place like Hawaii, Florida, or Arizona, and then subdivide it into lots. This was sometimes hard to do because the developer had to get authorization from the state's real estate commissioner, and the commissioner should have known that the land in question was in a swamp, or on the side of an active volcano, or out in the middle of a desert full of rattlesnakes and coyotes where the temperature could go as high as 120 degrees in the summer. The salesmen would be given "leads" obtained from coupons mailed in by people responding to specious ads in newspapers and magazines; and they would also be given brochures showing what the development was supposed to look like when...

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