More than half of the cases in California's judicial system result from traffic violations. Is this true or false?

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boomer-sooner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

California's justice system is broken down into three court categories: Supreme, Appeals, and Superior Courts.  The majority of cases are handled at the Superior Court level, and this examination will delve only into those numbers for two reasons.  First, the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals have few original jurisdiction cases, those which start at their level.  The second reason is the court cases that do rise to the next hierarchy would be counted twice if they were included in this examination.  Therefore, only the case numbers from the Superior Court will be utilized, and the most recent data is from California's 2012-2013 years, published in 2014.

California Superior Court oversaw 7.7 million cases.  Traffic violations account for 5 million of those cases.  The next closest category, civil filings, account for just under 1 million cases.  The remaining categories fall sharply away with criminal misdemeanor, family law, and criminal felonies rounding out the top five.  After reviewing these numbers published by the state, it can certainly be stated that over half of court cases in California's judicial system are traffic infractions.