Is it more difficult to market products and services for B2B or B2C?

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thanatassa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Whether you find it more difficult to market products and services for B2B or B2C depends on the specific products and your background and expertise.

The difficulty of B2B marketing is that you usually have fewer target markets. If you are selling a machine part, there are a limited number of customers who might use that part, and they may already have a supply chain in place; thus your product must be significantly better or cheaper to have a chance of being successful. Often B2B marketing requires a very sophisticated and well-connected sales force, and experience in dealing with things like invoices and purchase orders. On the other hand, individual contracts and purchase orders are typically for larger sums than B2C and pay back your sales efforts very well if you succeed.

In B2C marketing, your target market is much larger, and thus you need to reach more potential customers and general will get a lower rate of return on PR, and need far more customers to make a profit. This may involve social or tradition media or direct marketing. Often there is far greater competition, but consumer markets are often bigger an more flexible than B2B ones.

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