More arguable thesis about MacbethWell, so my thesis is saying that there are honorable and dishonorable murders in Macbeth. However, after fully writing this thesis I realized this was totally not...

More arguable thesis about Macbeth

Well, so my thesis is saying that there are honorable and dishonorable murders in Macbeth. However, after fully writing this thesis I realized this was totally not arguable. It is just a statement, instead of an arguable thesis. But, obviously I put time into it and i have 2 days so I cannot stress enough. I cannot write one more essay; however I cannot use this as I will be presenting my idea to everyone in class, and I'll be debating with them.


So, my 3 points are

-Macduff's murder on Macbeth, which is honorable, is characterized as honorable because Macduff saved his country, killed a tyrand, and revenged for his family.

-Macbeth's murder on Duncan was dishonorable because of his actions, such as being fearful and hiding his murder.

Macbeth's murder on Banquo was dishonorable because he only killed Banquo for his ambitions, and he insulted Banquo without hesitation.


However, all these 3 points are not arguable. Obviously, they are all dishonorable and honorable almost by fact(there is a little room for arguability, however obvioulsly not a good chance for the other side to win against me)


So can you guys suggest me some ways to fix this thesis so I can at least save some body paragraphs(I dont expect to save them all, but I'd like it if I could keep the same IDEA at least)


Like, If i can use the same quotes, and some analyses, I'm fine. I'm willing to re write half of it, but I just want an idea which is related to my previous topic.

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Your existing essay appears to be framed almost as a comparison-contrast essay--that is, discussing the similarities and differences among the various murders committed by Macbeth and others.  Because you've already analyzed the murders, I think you can re-cast the essay from comparison-contrast to argument with a thesis statement that takes a stand on the morality of the murders and the inevitable outcome of immoral murders.

For example, you note that Macbeth's murders of Duncan and Banquo are immoral (dishonorable) and that Macduff's killing of Macbeth is a moral and honorable act.  One possible, arguable thesis might go something like this: Although the various murders in Macbeth can be characterized as either necessary or unnecessary evils, Macbeth's murder of his king and kinsman, Duncan, is a dishonorable act that must utimately end in Macbeth's own death so that honor and legitimate authority can be restored.

You can then analyze each murder, along the lines that you've already done, but focus on the effects of Macbeth's dishonorable murders of Duncan and Banquo--in other words, argue that the initial dishonorable murder leads inevitably to the second dishonorable murder, and in a just world, Macbeth's immorality must lead to only one end, his own murder and the reinstatement of legitimate leaders.