Could I receive a book report style analysis for Moonstone by Wilkie Collins?Just for bookreport.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The book revolves around the adventures concerning a precious jewel from India, called The Moonstone.  This gem has cultural and religious significance to the Indians, and must always be guarded by three Brahmin priests.  During the wars between India and Britain, in particular a battle at Seringapatam,  an English general named Herncastle killed the three priests guarding it and took the ring for himself.  This begins the ill fated conditions and circumstances surrounding the gem and all who touch it.  The book is a mystery novel that focuses on what happens when the ring is gifted to Herncastle's Niece, Rachel Verinder.  Keeping with the opening of the novel that anyone other than the Vedic Gods who possess the stone is subject to enduring painful and difficult times, Rachel, whose austerity allows her to endure difficult predicaments in the mystery to discover who took the stone and its restoration back to its rightful location.  The novel itself features different narrators, contributing to the "who did it" feel.  The novel's primary detective, Inspector Cuff, is one of the first investigators whose power of perception is matched by unsual quirks, in this case his desire to tend roses.

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