What is the summary of "Moonlight" by Guy de Maupassant?

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Madame Letore had gone to visit her sister Madame Roubere after vacationing with her husband. Roubere noticed that in her sister's jet-black hair, she had two white streaks at each temple and asked why she had them all of a sudden. Letore told Roubere about her vacation with her husband. Letore's husband had returned home early to attend to some business that was calling him. On the vacation though, They were walking and looking at a beautiful nature scene when Letore asked her husband to kiss her because she was overcome with the beauty of the landscape. Her husband merely said that he didn't understand why he should kiss her just because she though the scene was pretty. After her husband departed, she was left crying when a young man who was traveling with his mother happened upon her and began to console her. One thing led to another, passion flew, and she ended up cheating on her husband (she did get his card though!). Letore is adamant on telling her sister that she loves her husband and never thought she would cheat on him. He is a good man, treats her well, provides for her and is nice, but at the same time he is very stifling and not very emotionally connected to her. Roubere replies that it is all too often that women don't necessarily fall in love with the man they "love" but more-so with the idea of love and love itself. She says "And your real lover that night was the moonlight." meaning that she didn't cheat with a man, but with an idea.