In "The Moonlight," explain how Abbé Marignan is a dynamic character.

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A dynamic character is one who develops and changes over the course of a narrative, so an easy way to answer this question is to ask simply, “How does the Abbé Marignan change from the beginning to the end of this story?”

Guy de Maupassant is very upfront with his description of the Abbé at the start of “In the Moonlight.”  Marignan is a very erect, God-fearing man.  He has a very rigid view of the world that extends even to God, and he believes that he is and moreover should be privy to the machinations of the Divine.  Life, to him, and the world, have been created and subsequently operate within a system of undeniable logic, a belief illustrated by the line, “Dawns existed to make waking up a pleasure, days to ripen the crops, rain to water them; evening to prepare for slumber, and the night was dark for sleeping.” 

He despises women and the lusty thoughts their presence conjures in the minds of men, and Marignan has a private plan to send his niece to a convent once she is...

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