The Moon has a surface area of approximately 14650000 miles squared. Estimate its radius to the nearest mile. What is the radius?

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hala718 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

We know that the formula for the surface area of the sphere is given by :

SA = 4r^2 * pi such that r is the radius.

Given that SA = 14,650,000 miles^2

We need to find the radius.

==> We will substitute into the equation.

==> 14,650,000 = 4r^2 * pi

Now we will divide by 4pi.

==> r^2 = 14,650,000/ 4pi = 1165809.9581

Now we will take the square root.

==> r= 1079.72 = 1080 miles ( approx.)

Then the radius of the moon to the nearest mile is 1080 miles.