The moon has always been idealized by men of letters, but scientificaly reality presents a totaly different picture. Would you  like to visit the moon even today? Why or why not??

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When I was a kid we were told that someday men would actually visit the moon. It seemed wonderful. It also seemed like just the beginning of space exploration. Now the moon has been visited and not much else has changed. The first step into space left nothing but a footprint on the moon's dusty surface. The moon looks like a worse place than even the worst places on earth. I realized that colonizing outer space was something that would take thousands  of years and trillions of dollars and might not be worth the trouble. It would be preferable to improve the quality of life on our own planet first. The disappointment connected with our landing on the moon proves the truth of the saying, "Distance lends enchantment." Things that look glamorous from a distance, including Paris, Rome, Tahiti, the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, and other tourist attractions, prove to be pretty ordinary when you get there. I wouldn't go to the moon under any circumstances--but I'm sure there are many people who would.

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