In the book Monster, who said "I can see me at that moment, just when Mr. Nesbitt knew he was going to die, walking down the street trying to make my mind a black screen?" Why is this important? 

Expert Answers
emilyknight7 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Steve Harmon says this quote, writing in the journal he keeps while in jail waiting for his trial to finish. One big reason why the quote is important is because it provides another piece of evidence that Steve was likely involved in the convenience store robbery that led to Mr. Nesbitt's death – the death that he is on trial for. Remember, the novel – framed as Steve's screenplay – is partly a way for Steve to hide (from the world and from himself) the facts of his bad decision to join in the robbery. At another point in the story, during one of the scenes with James King, Steve chooses to fade the camera out right when King asks him if he's willing to be a lookout for the robbery. He does this before the on-screen Steve can reply. This quote shows him doing the same sort of thing in his mind, immediately after the robbery went wrong. He is trying to fade out of the scene in his real life, imagining that it is all over, or maybe even that it never happened.