The creature and Victor get on ship that is sailing to where? Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

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Both Victor and his creature get on Walton's ship, which is sailing to explore the northern regions of the Arctic. It is currently trapped by ice. Walton has to decide whether to pursue his ambitions and risk the life of his crew by continuing north or to head south again when the ship is free.

Victor and the creature are never on the ship together while both are alive. Victor arrives first and lives long enough to form a friendship with Walton and tell him his sad story of creating life from inanimate body parts.

The creature climbs on board the boat after Victor has died. Walton finds him by Victor's coffin. Despite the creature's hideous appearance, Walton talks to him. Walton is moved when the creature tells of his remorse over his killings, especially of Elizabeth. Although Victor had asked Walton to kill the creature should he see it, Walton hesitates. The creature says he plans to head north and throw himself on a blazing funeral pyre. He then jumps off the ship to an ice floe.

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In Chapter 24 [Volume 3, Chapter 7] of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, Walton writes to his sister in his letter of September 2nd that his ship is surrounded by mountains of ice "which admit of no escape and threaten every moment to crush my vessel."  Telling his sister that the "brave fellows" look to him for a solution, but he does not have any.  Three days later, he writes again, that he and his crew are surrounded by so much ice that they are in imminent danger; in addition, Frankenstein's health has also declined.  Added to these situations, Walton fears a mutiny.  Therefore, after the men are not encouraged by his "ideas of glory and honour" to uphold, Walton decides to return to England.  In the meantime, Victor Frankenstein dies and the creature, who has followed him, comes aboard, morning the death of his creator, whom he has loved.  Disconsolate and wretch, the creature flings himself into the deadly sea

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