In Monster by Walter Dean Myers, what are some of the reasons why Steve Harmon is pronounced not guilty/innocent?

Expert Answers
gmuss25 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are several reasons why Steve Harmon is found not guilty in the robbery and murder of Aguinaldo Nesbitt. Both Osvaldo Cruz and Richard "Bobo" Evans testify that Steve Harmon was supposed to be the lookout. However, they are both excepting plea bargains for their testimonies and are considered unreliable witnesses. Richard "Bobo" Evans testifies that he did not have a conversation with Steve about Steve's job in the robbery, and Steve did not receive a portion of the stolen money. Evans also says that Steve was supposed to give a signal when he left the drugstore, but did not. The only reliable witness, Lorelle Henry, testifies that Steve Harmon was not in the drugstore immediately before the robbery took place. Steve Harmon testifies that he was walking around the neighborhood looking for a good place to film for his next school project. Mr. Sawicki, Steve's teacher, takes the witness stand and comments on Steve's outstanding character, which distances him from the other individuals involved in the crime. When the jury takes into account Steve's upstanding character, coupled with Henry's testimony that he wasn't present in the drugstore before the robbery, they find Steve Harmon not guilty.