MonkWas there not any religious community to check the Monk or other religious persons?

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mrerick eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Most likely not.  During the time of the reigns of Edward III and Richard II, the political state of England had quite a bit to deal with.  In addition to suppressing peasant's revolts because of newly established taxation, England was also fighting with France (100 Years War) and Scotland (the after effects of the William Wallace rebellion made more famous recently by Braveheart).  With all of this happening in the kings' courts, organized religion was left largely to the church.  Presumably, those forces that could have kept the English monks in line (the Holy Roman Empire as well as the Pope) would have also been preoccupied with the military engagements.  As was the case throughout much of English history, religion was often only governed by the kings' courts when they had nothing better to do (or if they had a more personal agenda as was the case with Henry II and Henry VIII).

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