Do you think money is the most motivating factor to all staff in any company ? 

Expert Answers
sleeaustralind eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Money certainly is not the motivating factor for all staff in a company. If this were true then many of the companies that we regard as "trendsetting" and "go-getters" (such as Apple) would not be so prevalent. Initially money would be a motivator. We live in a society and economy that demands we have currency to satisfy our daily needs. As we progress through our career, our circumstances and wants change. Once again, money is needed in our society to achieve these needs and wants.

Maslow pointed out that once our need for safety (through a company salary) is satisfied we feel the need to push ourselves, to strive, to achieve and to better what we have already done. Indeed, it is this basic tenet that most performance management processes try to promote.

It is that achievement that is the motivation. This may take the form of working with a great team of people, it may involve national recognition from company management, but it is achievement nonetheless that motivates.

mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Money is an important factor in any company.  However, it isn't the most important factor for all of the staff in a company.  Having a good work environment is important to some people.  They want to be in a place where they are respected and treated well.  Some people value a family environment more than they value money.  For some people, having flexibility in their work schedules is more important than money.  Being able to modify their schedule to meet personal or family needs is important.  For other workers, the ability to advance and grow professionally is more important than money.  For them, the opportunity to travel, to learn, and to experience new things takes priority over money.  For some workers, the benefits the company provides such as insurance and vacation, are more important than the money they make.  While money may be the most important aspect for some people, it isn't the most important aspect for all people.