Is having money a boon or a curse?

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This is, of course, a matter of personal opinion.  There are points to be made for either side.  Let us look at some of the major arguments for each position.

Some people would say that having a lot of wealth is a bad thing.  They might point to the idea that it could spoil the children in the family.  These kids might get too used to having everything that they want and would not be very good at delaying gratification or working hard to get things.  Having money might lead to aimlessness as well.  If you have to work, you at least have a purpose.  If you have a great deal of wealth, you might not have that purpose any more.  Finally, having wealth could cause splits between you and your friends and family.  They might become jealous or they might pressure you to loan them or give them money.

Others would argue that wealth is a good thing.  The main reason for this would be that you would no longer have as much stress in your life.  You would not have to worry about being able to make a living.  You would be able to enjoy your life more thoroughly because you would not be worried and because you would have the ability to enjoy things like material goods.

With these arguments in mind, which position would you take?

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