Momaday's The Way to Rainy Mountain incorporates many different styles and narrative devices. Discuss them.

N. Scott Momaday incorporates several styles and narrative devices in The Way to Rainy Mountain, such as different voices. By separating his book into three parts to give the reader a sense of Kiowa culture from times past to modern-day decline, he is able to use different voices in each section in order to infuse his own perspective on each topic discussed.

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In The Way to Rainy Mountain, author N. Scott Momaday presents a culture of myth, tradition, family, and history among the Kiowa people. As Native American, Kiowa, and part Cherokee, the author spent most of his youth in Arizona and New Mexico. In addition to his Kiowa roots, he grew up on Apache and Navajo reservations, where he experienced tribal life and witnessed first-hand the cultural changes affecting the Native American populations. As preparation for this short work, Momaday consulted with his father, researched historical references, and collected personal stories from his family. He combined the memory of his personal journey with historical annotations and Kiowa myths to form a pieced together tale of Kiowa culture from its origins to its deterioration in modern times.

The Way to Rainy Mountain does incorporate several styles in its narrative presentation. What this actually means is that the author’s voice changes throughout the tale, depending on the context of each brief...

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