Mollie returns to her old life of comfort, ribbons and sugar. What does Mollie lose through her actions?

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Mollie turns out to be very "spoiled human" like in Animal FarmThe luxuries that are denounced are the very things that Mollie admires.  She denies being seen with a farmer before she actually leaves the farm when confronted with the information by Clover.

Her losses seem to be that of what a religion would do when ex-communicating a member who has sinned.  Mollie is ignored and not spoken of anymore.  In a sense, one could say that Mollie has lost her independence, but to her independence is not valued and the loss is even questionable.  She did lose the right to be part of an animal run farm, but the ultimate ending of the story shows that this might not have been anything to be envied.


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By returning to her old life of comfort, Mollie gives up her freedom.  The ribbons, sugar and comfort are all provided by humans whom she must please in order to maintain her status as a pampered animal. If she had stayed at Animal Farm, she would have maintained her personal freedom but the luxuries she was used to would have been gone. Mollie, therefore, is a symbol for human whose vanity and desire for material goods blind them to the joys of individual freedom. She would rather serve in an easy and comfortable life rather than work in an environment where she is free to make her own personal choices.

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