Theme in "The Fly" what is the major theme of THE FLY by Katherine Mansfield

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The fly is a metaphor in this short story. I think the main theme is that grief changes us. It changes our outlook on life, and the events in our lives. When the man's son dies, it has a longstanding effect on him, metaphorically described through his killing of the fly.
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The main theme found in this text is death. This theme is illuminated by the multiple deaths which happen over the course of the text. The main point is that death comes for all and no one can escape.

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I think its desire to live for more. The fly fell on the ink pot and the boss pushed him again and again. The main theme is death is inevitable and man never accept this truth. Then there can be another theme of the story, "the Fly" is finding the strength to go on and to aspect of "never give up". In the story not only does the fly have to find the strength to keep on living after he has the incident with the ink, but also the Boss needs to find a cope with the death of his son, and he needs to find a way to keep on living, after the world just came crashing down around him.

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