Modified my question....What dramatic functions are served by the chorus in romeo and juliet - in scene one?I need a simple answer.  Thanks much.

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lmetcalf eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Just as a chorus in Greek tragedy serves several possible functions, so does Shakespeare's to come extent.  Once function of Greek chorus was to provide background information to establish the situation of the play.  This play play opens with the short exposition of story to follow.  By the end of that first section of scene 1 we learn that there are two feuding families, the the feud is destroying the peace of the town, and that the son and daughter of the famiys will be star-crossed lovers.  If we give that some thought, we realize from the start of the play that the lover's are not going to have any easy time of it and we are already prepared for a possible bad ending for them.  To be star-crossed implies that they are two stars on two paths that will cross, but not be joined.  The audience is now ready to take in the story, with this bit of dramatic irony influencing their understanding of what is going to happen and affecting how they feel about the two young lovers.