Are mobile phones a boon or a curse?Are mobile phones a boon or a curse?

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No doubt cellular phones have many benefits. They are a relatively easy way for us to stay in contact with our children and other family members and friends. Yet, they are also devisive. Many people would choose texting over face-to-face communication. The language of texting is weakening the writing skills of many students as they get into the habit of using "txt spk cuz it eser".

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I would have to say it is a little of both. I myself have gone from hating having one to not knowing what I would do without one. i do however feel that our younger generation of students are losing important communication skills because of all the texting they do. There is a lot less face to face communication.

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There are both positive and negatives aspects to cell phones but I am going to have to say that they are more positive. Cell phones have made life much for me personally. I can now connect with people much quicker whether it is through a direct phone call, text, or email.

A very negative aspect of cell phones is that people use them while driving. I have seen people texting while driving and this is very scary.

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Lori Steinbach | High School Teacher | (Level 3) Distinguished Educator

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I was once adamant about not getting a cell phone; now I wonder what I ever did without it.  On the positive side, I do think it helps me stay in touch with people more easily and often (long distance phone calls used to be very expensive), and it is essential for emergencies, of course.  On the negative side, I know virtually NO phone numbers--including my own, sometimes--and it's a major distraction and disruption to personal interactions.  Used reasonably and on balance, I think mobile/cell phones are a benefit and a blessing.

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A disgruntled Hamlet tells Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, former friends who have betrayed him, "There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so."

This reflection seems to fit well with technology and its uses.  Cell phones provide a sense of security, especially for people who are more vulnerable to predatory types.  They also are of great convenience when one must go somewhere, but at the same time needs to stay in contact with family, business associates, etc. 

However, they can become a substitute for more human activities such as visiting someone or sitting across from a person and actually having an uninterrupted conversation.  As Hamlet suggests, it is what we do with things that make situations good or bad.

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Particularly in schools, this issue is up for great discussion.

In cases of great catastropic emergency, schools will value students' abilities to reach their parents and tell them exactly where to go to retrieve their children. Thus, in this situation they are a boon.

In the case of students at work during the school day, many use these phones already to cheat. Several of these have internet access and students will use that to look up an answer for a test if a teacher is not tightly watching their students. Cheating never really helps anyone get any farther in life then they would have previously.

Some people appreciate being able to be reached throughout the day. I know for my own children's sake, if there was an emergency injury, I would want to be able to meet them as soon as possible. With my mobile phone, I am instantly reachable.  The boon abounds during these situations.

On the flip side, people I do not want to talk to can get a hold of me immediately too. This often causes a disruption to my work day when I am trying to get other tasks finished. In these cases, the curse remains.

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Some of both.  If your car breaks down on the side of the road, you can feel that they are a boon because you can call someone and get a tow truck or a friend to pick you up, etc.

You can also look at them as a curse in that situation because they only foster more dependence.

Parents may very well see them as a boon when their kids can have a cell phone so the parents can reach them and this may alleviate some of the parents' worries.

Of course it can also be a curse in that situation as it may take away opportunities for children and parents to learn to trust each other and for children to learn to be responsible, etc.

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Most certainly mobile phones to have some negative aspects. But to these negative aspects far outweigh the positive aspects. Thus there in no justification for branding mobile phones as a curse. Normally I will not go to the extent of describing them as a boon. But If I am forced to choose between the adjectives "boon" and "curse" the former one is my clear choice.

The utility of mobile phones is also indicated by the very past growth in its use all over the world. Mobile phones are now widely used by all types of people including some people who are great critic of mobile phones.

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