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"The moaning tree boughs swaying blind..." is an example of (a) simile (b) metaphor (c) personification (d) euphemism.

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This is definitely personification.  Tree branches do not moan.  They are not blind (well, I suppose they are, but not in the way we usually think of blindness).  So these are human things, or at least animate characterisitcs.  Only animate things can be blind and only they can moan.

It's not a metaphor because the tree boughs are not being compared to something else, at least not in the lines that you quote for us.  It is not a simile for the same reason.  It is not euphemism because that is when you use a different word to avoid using one that is not "polite."  Like saying "passed away" instead of "died."  That's not going on here.

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