Write a letter to Dear Abbey explaining your dilemma prior to visiting Catharine. Follow the Dear Abby letter format. “Long Walk to Forever” – In the role of Newt, write a letter to Dear Abbey explain your dilemma prior to visiting Catharine. Follow the Dear Abby letter format: Introduce characters and main topic Summarize the problem End with a question Unusual, but symbolic, name Follow rubric - understanding of key features – form and structure - literary device - analysis - personal connection - clarity of communication.

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Dear Abby:

I have been in love with my childhood sweetheart, Catherine, all of my life. She does not know that I still love her. I am in the Army and I just found out she is getting married next week to a guy from Pittsburgh. I do not have any leave, but I would like to go and see her, to tell her I love her and to convince her not to go through with the wedding. If I leave my post, I will be AWOL (absent without leave) and will be thrown in the brig when I return. Do you think love is worth the risk? Should I go AWOL and tell Catherine I love her? What if she does not love me anymore? Please tell me what to do.

Signed, Newt


Now, I don't have your rubric, so you will have to do that part yourself. I am not sure what you are asking about the unusual but symbolic name -- do you mean the name Newt? That is unusual. Do you know what a Newt is? It's a type of animal. Do some research and see what characteristics about the newt might have a connection to this story.

This should get you started. You can read the Vonnegut story online at the link below. 

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