MitosisWhat is the purpose of mitosis for an organism?

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jerichorayel eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Mitosis is a process wherein a cell (eukaryotic cell) separates its chromosomes into two identical sets thus forming new cells. It is a part of cell cycle. Its main purpose is for growth and development of an organism. During the growth of the cell, mitosis takes place. For example in plants, mitotic cell division occurs in the roots, shoots, xylem and phloem. During its development, when cells do mitosis, it forms a group of cells which are now called tissues and then organs will develop.


taangerine | Student

The purpose of mitosis for an organism is to create identical daughter cells. 

givingiswinning | Student

 To generate identical daughter cells. 

atyourservice | Student

the purpose of mitosis is to generate identical daughter cells. Mitosis is important as it play a role in cell multiplication, because of mitosis when some cells die you don't feel the difference as you already have new cells which replace the dead cells.

user3861037 | Student

Mitosis is used to regenerate identical cells. For example, skin cells. Lizards also use mitosis to regrow their tails. The new cells formed are exactly identical to the parent cell. Therefore, there is no genetic variation. 

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