Mississppi Burning is a movie about racial hate & Biotry. How had the director presented this racial hate through techniques?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that one way Parker was able to display this racial hate and bigotry was through his depiction of Southern Whites.  There seems to be a fairly clear line drawn between the forces of intolerance, specifically through the depiction of Southern Whites, and everyone else, who pretty much represent the forces of justice.  The Southern Whites in the film are constructed as individuals who are filled with bigoted thoughts that are predicated upon racial injustice.  The facial expressions and voice inflections of these characters spew out a sense of racial injustice.  The only exception to this would be Mrs. Pell.  Rupert Anderson is also depicted in a manner that does not feature racial hate or bigotry, but being the FBI agent, he is naturally shown as a force of justice. Yet, in constructing the White Southern population, Parker brings out the idea thar racial hate and bigotry is something that exists in the South.  While this is brought out quite convincingly, there might be an oversimplification of this because racial hate and bigotry was present throughout the country, not just localized in the South.