Mission in Britain todayI have to do a book review of a key text and presentation of a context specific mission strategy seperately.  1.with an understanding of key missiological concepts and...

Mission in Britain today

I have to do a book review of a key text and presentation of a context specific mission strategy seperately. 

1.with an understanding of key missiological concepts and terminology.

2.An initial understanding and basic use of key tools analysis.

3.An initial awareness of how missionary thinking might respond to key aspects of contemporary culture/society.

4.An initial understanding of strategies for mission including evangelism and church growth.

5.An ability to integrate in a reflective way this learning with personal and/or ministerial practice in their own cultural contexts.

Please help with all your ideas thank you.

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I looked up mission groups in Britain and found the following sites:




Outside of these sites, I could not find any texts that would adhere to what you have stated you are looking for. I would suggest looking at Missionary Journals/Diaries or interviews completed with missionaries. Outside of that, the other posts offer great suggestions for you as well.

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One of the initial strategies is the old fashioned canvassing of an area to, essentially, introduce yourself and objectives to the "neighborhood." This is traditionally done by door-knocking--the tried and true method of missionaries and politicians. Church growth develops out of the successes attendant upon the initial evangelistic forays into neighborhoods.

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Are you interpreting "mission" as addressing believers? non-believers? a specific age group? a specific area? The answers to these questions will greatly impact terminology, key tools, response to key aspects of contemporary culture/society as it is being experienced by the people to whom the mission work is being directed.

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I agree with #2. Mission in Britain today is a very broad topic, and really you need to be a lot more specific. In addition, Britain is a multi-cultural country now, with many different langauges and cultures. Are you going to attempt to reach out to a particular group of British citizens, such as British Muslims? You also need to be aware of regional differences in Britain.

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In order to help you with this, it would help if we had a little more context. Nonetheless, there are several components of modern-day missions to consider. First of all, many people don't have time for religion in their lives. What is your plan to get them to listen to you?
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Mission in Britain? Are you kidding? Britain is one of the least religious countries in the world. It has emancipated itself from organised religion and is almost totally secular. People who try to sell 'old time religion' get laughed at, long and hard. Britain is post-religious.

And, strangely, there have been no retributional earthquakes, hurricanes, droughts, tsunamis or floods. (possibly this is because Britain isn't geographically situated in earthquakes zones, hurricane zones, drought zones, tsunami zones or flood zones.)