Is Miss Strangeworth's attitude toward her neighbours common in our society today?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that there is much in Miss Strangeworth's attitudes towards her neighbors that can be seen today.  I am not sure the elaborate means of sitting down and writing letters to individuals about issues of hurtful gossip is as evident, but the intent is certainly there.  The modern setting has many conditions in which individuals spread rumors and enhance innuendo in order to gain and consolidate power over others.  Sometimes, they do this, like Miss Strangeworth, because of their belief that they are providing a valuable service to others.  At other points, they do so because of power.  In both settings, the refusal to build bridges to confront critical issues, but rather perpetuate misery and evil within interpersonal relationships are evident in both situations that parallel one another.  I think that this is where one can find that there is a great deal of similarity between Miss Strangeworth and attitudes today.  The same penchant to embrace gossip and seek to control others is something that Miss Strangeworth does and something that we can see in the modern setting today in our own interpersonal relationships.