To Kill a Mockingbird Questions and Answers
by Harper Lee

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mischief chapter 4

The mischief of Chapter 4 involves Dill's fibs, Scout's tumble into the Radley house in the tire, and the "Boo Radley" game in which the children act out scenes of gossip concerning their mysterious neighbors.

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Most of the mischief in Chapter 4 of To Kill A Mockingbird revolves around the antics of Dill. With school out for the summer, Dill has arrived in Maycomb and he, along with Scout and Jem , get into all sorts of childish mischief. At one point, Dill says he can tell when someone is going to die just by smelling them. He takes a big whiff of Scout and declares that she has three days to live. Scout doesn't fall for it and threatens to hit Dill until Jem tells them to knock it off. Dill...

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