In Hawthorne's "The Minster's Black Veil," what happens to Mr. Hooper after permanently adopting his black veil? 

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tinicraw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Mr. Hooper is alienated after he decides to wear the black veil permanently. Children run in fear from him, he no longer receives invitations to Sunday dinners, and he worries the love of his life to the point that he loses her. He is allowed to maintain his position as pastor of the town, though, which is good for his career and sustaining his own life as a self-reliant figure, but he is socially scary and considered too weird to understand. People seem to be too polite to actually walk up to him and ask him what the veil represents or why he's wearing it; so, they send in Elizabeth, his love, to figure out what is happening. She doesn't get far, though. She even gives him an ultimatum that she'll leave him if he doesn't at least explain it and vow not to wear it at home with her after they get married. He wear that veil to his dying day and even screams at anyone who suggests to take it off after he's dead. Eventually, he is buried with the veil securely placed over his face.

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