The minimum wage in Illinois is $8.25 per hour. How many weeks would one have to work in order to earn Mr. Johnson's yearly pay? (13.8 million dollars) ... Assume that one works 40 hours every week .

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Compute the amount earned per 40 hour week at $8.25/hour:

40 hour x $8.25/hour = $330/week

To determine how many weeks it would take to earn $13,800,000, divide it by the weekly pay of $330:

 `($13,800,000)/($330/(week))=41,818.18` weeks

Thus it would take 41,819 weeks for a person working at minimum wage in Illinois to ear $13.8 million.

Assuming 52 weeks per year, determine the number of years for 41,819 weeks.

`41,819/52=804` years

Nobody can live 804 years, therefore a person working at minimum wage in Illinois wouldn't be able to earn $13.8 million in one lifetime.

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