the minim distance between Fe atomsEvaluate the minim distance between Fe atoms. The crystalline network Fe is cubic volume centered The density of Fe is ro=7870kg/m^3.

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felquilem eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It seems to me that there is an assumption that atoms are somehow "solid"  entities.  As the two discussions above indicate the distance between atoms is not a direct or simple statement.  Since the atomic structure is mostly space (whatever that may mean) the amount of space, aor the location in space will depend on a variety of factors and therefore one needs to specifiy the conditions in wnich the desired information is sought.  The complexities in discussing the properties of "solid" state materials leads to many a difference of opinion about the location and arrangement of atoms. Enjoy our flexible universe.

she-chemist | Student

But..but..but.. Fe  has 4  modifications.For  density 7,9g/sm3 really. it  is  the  minimal distance. But  its  phenomenon is  continuing  to  the  temperature 770degrees centigrade , distance between atoms  consist of 2,85A^0.At the  increase of  temperature  there  is  a  further transition of  properties  from ferromagnetic in paramagnetic and  changed  of  network  from  cubic  volume  centered to  the  side  centered.The process  characterized  by increase  of  distance  between the  atoms.This  state constantly  changes to  the  temperature  of  melting of  Fe (1536 d/C). In  such  state of Fe what  you  described Fe has ferromagnetic properties.Maybe, you  want  to  know  more about  ferromagnetic  properties?