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A miniature car moves in a straight line starting at pont (2,0).  After t seconds, its position (x,y) is given by the vector equation (x,y)=(2,0) + t(0.7,1).  Another miniature vehicle, a motorcycle starts at point (0,2) and travels in a straght line with constant speed.  The equation of its path is y=0.6x + 2 , x>=0. Eventually the two miniature vehicles collide.  Find the coordinates of the collision point.

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You need to find the equation of the miniature car, hence you should use the slope intercept form to find the equation `y=mx+n`  such that:

`y= 1/0.7*x + n`

Substituting 2 for x and 0 for y in equation `y = 1/0.7*x + n`  yields:

`0= 2/0.7...

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