Could you summarize the characteristics of each character in The Outsiders?

mkcapen1 | Student

In the book The Outsiders there are many primary characters in the Greasers and three in the Socs.

Darry is six feet two and built like a football player.   His parents died in car accident.  He is the oldest of three brothers and takes the responsibility of caring for his brothers.  He has dark brown hair and a cow lick.  His eyes are green and clear.  He is only 20 but looks older. He has a cold expression in his eyes.  He loves his brothers but saw his own dreams fade away after he had o quit school and get a job to support the family.

Soda Pop is the middle brother out of the three brothers.  He is handsome with a movie-star appearance.  He is slim and has fine features.  He has dark golden blond hair that he wears long.  He greases his hair back. He has dark brow eyes.  He doesn't really drink because he can find a good time just being at a party.  He understands of all the group members.

Pony Boy is the youngest of the three brothers.  He has blond hair and wears grease in it.  He is academically smart and sensitive to his surroundings.  The events in the book are seen through his eyes.  He clashes with his brother Darry.  He reads books and writes, and sketches.  He used to like to sketch Dallas because of Dallas' angry look.

Dallas Winston is the moody dangerous one in the gang.  He grew up in New York and went to a reform school at the age of 10 years old.  He has blue eyes that blaze with hatred.  He has hair that is almost white blond and he hates hair cuts.  He picks on small children, steals, and is a bully.  He is meaner than anyone else in the gang.  He cares about Johnny, who he looks after.

Johnny Cade is the Pet of the group.  He has dark hair and big black eyes.  He wears lots of grease in his hair and combs it off to the side.  He is always nervous and skittish.  He is abused by his parents and has been hurt badly by the Socs.  He is Pony Boy's best friend. 

Steve Randale is 17 years old.  He is tall and thin and wears his hair very greasy.  He is a wise cracker and is Soda Pop's best friend. He works full time at a gas station. 

Two-Bit Matthews is the happiest of the group.  He is a comic who attends school, although he does not really try in his studies.  He is around six feet tall, stocky, and has rusty colored hair and wears long side burns.  He has gray eyes.

Cherry is a Soc.  She befriends Pony Boy and Johnny at a drive-in movie.  She also becomes a spy for the Greasers.

Bob is a Soc who is spoiled and likes to fight.  He is an only child.  He is also the one who tries to drown Pony Boy and gets killed by Johnny.