Examine Mill as a liberal thinker rooted in the advocacy of personal freedom.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The original question had to be edited down.  I think that one could make a very strong case that Mill was a liberal thinker that found deep roots in the advocacy of personal freedom.  Mill is able to understand that one of the most essential elements for all human beings is to find constructions that make life worth living.  As a result of his own mental breakdown, Mill is able to comprehend that freedom has a huge role in expanding the experience of the individual so that they can develop meaning and embrace the conditions that specifically make life worthy of life.  On Liberty is a statement that validates this idea.  Mill was rooted in liberal democracy, suggesting that it is liberal democracy that enables the individual to sample enough in order to find the elements that can substantiate their own sense of being in the world.  For Mill, no other political order can satisfy such a condition of being.  It is freedom and liberty to choose, in all of its varied forms, that will enable the individual to find a path where life is worthy of life, where life is worth living. It is in this element that Mill is a liberal thinker rooted int he advocacy of personal freedom.

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