Millay combines imagery and structure to describe her view of love. How does her use of these two elements create meaning in the poem "Love is Not All"?

In the first half of the sonnet "Love is Not All," Millay uses powerful imagery of physical ailments to emphasize the limits of love. In the second half of the poem, she uses repetition to elaborate on love's weaknesses. However, Millay incorporates contrasting images and personification to allow the reader to understand that love is required for human survival just as much as physical essentials.

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Millay uses powerful imagery of the processes of the human body to show the weaknesses of love in its inability to heal physical sickness. She provides imagery of broken bones, impure blood, congested lungs, and a drowning man to show the physical dangers of which love is incapable of correcting. However, she also uses opposing imagery and personification to contrast love's great weaknesses with its greater...

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