What does Mildred do all day in Fahrenheit 451?

Expert Answers
price7781 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Mildred lives a pitiful existence in her daily life by being obsessed with soap operas that are televised onto her wall size TV screens.  She has three walls of her living room covered by these screens, and pesters Montag to buy a fourth.  The soap operas are interactive in nature.  Viewers receive scripts and parts to act out along with the actors on the screen.  The sad thing about the situation is that Mildred cares more about the soap opera actors than she does anyone else, including Montag.  Television has become her main means of entertainment.  She is completely involved in their fake lives and considers them her family.  Mildred has fallen victim to the "dumbing down" of the citizens by the government.  Without the knowledge of books, Mildred, like people in this society, find what little enjoyment there is through mind-numbing hours of watching fictional stories.  

Bradbury was brilliant with this prediction of what life could be like in the future, and it shows in today's society with our obsession with social media and the huge size of the televisions that decorate our homes.