The Middle PassageWhat is your views on the Middle Passage?

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I agree with the third response in particular. It is hard to imagine that anyone would view the Middle Passage as anything but horrific and tragic. I will add, however,that there is a wonderful, though obviously disturbing book on the Middle Passage written by historian Marcus Rediker. Entitled The Slave Ship: A Human History, it cuts through the numbers and statistics of the slave trade to get at the inhumanity of it. It focuses not just on slaves, but on the crews of the slave ships. I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in the Middle Passage, and have linked to a review and synopsis below:

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I can't imagine the suffering that went on for the people who were subjected to this inhuman treatment. Imagine being chained up in the belly of a ship for months while you crossed the ocean. It's hard to believe that people would knowingly force others to endure such torture, but it happened routinely for many years.

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I wonder if you can clarify this a little bit.  It hardly seem like there could be a diversity of views on the Middle Passage.  This was one of the most horrible things ever done to a group of people.  So I just wonder what sorts of opinions you are hoping to get.

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The Middle Passage was the route slaves took to get to the Americas.  Many slaves did not survive the journey, because they were kept chained in ships hulls in terrible conditions.  Once the slaves arrived, they were thrust onto the auction block and then sold to Southern plantations.  Things were hardly uphill from there.