What do the Israelis and Palestinians each want in their conflict?

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I would add that, overall, each side wants the same land, which is the entire root of the problem - not just the fate of Jerusalem, but of the original Palestine/Israel.  Both sides believe it is their religious birthright to control it.

Also, the Israelis want guarantees of border security and safety for their citizens from terrorist attacks.  They want the Palestinian group Hamas disarmed.

Palestinians that live in Israel want to be free of discrimination, able to travel freely, and live where they have always lived.

Palestinians outside of Israel's borders (called '48 Palestinians and '67 Palestinians) want their original land, or at least legal equality with Israeli Jews, human rights guarantees, economic aid, and a permanent homeland.

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There are various parts to each side that want different things.  But in general, the Israelis want

  • At the very least, they want control of all of Jerusalem.  Many of them want to control as much of the West Bank as is possible.
  • An end to the terrorism that has been carried out against Israel by the Palestinians -- suicide bombings and rocket attacks, mainly.

The Palestinians want:

  • To have East Jerusalem be their capital.
  • To have a right to return to land that belonged to them before Israel became a country (not all demand this).
  • The right to have a country of their own that they will truly control (made up of the whole West Bank and Gaza).
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