A Midsummer Night's Dream and the concept of the heroWho is or are the hero(es) in the play A Midsummer Night's Dream?

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A Midsummer Night's Dream is a complex play, one that truly showcases Shakespeare's expertise as a playwright. There is not one but 4 separate plots intertwined in the play.

Theseus and Hippolyta are engaged to be married, and since Theseus is the Duke of Athens he acts as civil arbitrator. He makes a ruling on the case regarding Egeus' defiant daughter, who wishes to marry a man who is not the one her father has chosen for her. Meanwhile in the fairy kingdom in the woods, King Oberon and his Queen Titania are fighting over a child Titania refuses to hand over. Add in some bumbling actors trying to produce a play for the Duke's entertainment, and some fairy magic, and the reader must realize why teachers insist on students taking notes!

Several characters have heroic qualities: Lysander for his romantic efforts, Nick Bottom for his strange and magical journey, and Oberon for his winning ways. But perhaps Theseus comes closest to the general answer of what a hero is. He wins over the woman he loves (for it is clear she does not love him at the play's beginning), he uses wisdom and clarity to rule over the case of Egeus' claim over his daughter, he is generous to the well-meaning drama troupe who entertains the wedding guests, and he is blessed by the fairy king and queen (with whom he apparently had an affair prior to his engagement to Hippolyta). He's probably what one would consider "heroic."

dianetaylor2005 | Student

How does the midsummer night's dream fit into the hero's journey


preetkanwar | Student

i think theus is the hero of the play. coz he has all the quality as a hero should have. he is the duck of Athens. he wins over the amazon and get marry with the queen of the amazon. and when he comes to know about the true love of hermia's for lysander and helena's love for demetrius, he change his decision and accpect their love. and both the couple get married in the same place and same time where Theus gets marry with Hippoltya.

we can also regard lysander as a hero coz his love for hermia is true. and the play is based on the love strory of lysander and hermia. nad in the end he get married with his beloved.

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