How can I argue in favor of the statement: Microlevel management of the environment is the only solution.

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dftbap eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The pattern of land use and the changes in that pattern are thought by many to be the single most important factor affecting ecological systems.

Preservationists are in favor of micro level management of the environment, especially areas of the environment being utilized for leisure activities.  Without micromanagement of these areas, those who wish to appreciate the beauty of the environment end up destroying or in many ways harming the specific area they are trying to enjoy through overuse of the natural resources.

There are individuals who own large tracts of land which they would like to be conserved or preserved for future generations.  Often, these individuals will have a trust, made with a Conservation group in order to maintain certainty that the land will continue to be preserved in its natural state for perpetuity.

Without these trusts to protect the land, and without the micro managing of the leisure resources, pollution and overuse are certain to lead to their degradation.