Microanalysis of tourism demand is concerned with social and psychological factors influenced by group and individual choices. What are the factors that influence those choices?

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thanatassa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

While macroanalysis of tourism looks at tourists as an aggregate, microanalysis examines the motivations of individual tourists. Several factors tend to influence why an individual tourist will go to a specific destination.

The first factor is price. Other things being equal, most tourists will choose the most affordable options. However, pricing strategy also needs to take into account the perception that inexpensive translates into a no-frills experience. While low-cost air carriers thrive due to air travel being regarded as instrumental (as a way to get to a destination rather than part of the travel experience), for resorts, restaurants, and other destination activities, tourists may perceive an excessively low price as signaling a lower value experience. 

The next factor that influences tourist choices is climate, with warm sunny locales being especially popular.

Status and prestige also influence tourist choices and are a key to social media marketing campaigns. Many people follow celebrities and buzz as a way to satisfy the need to seek social status.

Finally, the growing area of ecotourism is predicated on people's psychological needs to give something back to their world or community.