Michael's mother and father, Kate and Tommy Devlin, are clearly a major influence on his life. What do they teach him, and what is the image of family? please answer the question cuz if u don't i will for sure fail thanks a lot

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The bond between Michael and his mother, Kate, is strong, especially after his father is killed. Michael's strength comes from her as well as the memories he has of his father. His mother teaches him to have a strong sense of himself, his identity of who he is. By allowing Michael the freedom to explore the unknown, she teaches him how to establish friendships with other people. She is always the main influence in his life, but she allows him to go out on his own, giving him the self-confidence he needs to go further than she ever could.

Michael's family is what all of us would want in a family. Even though they don't have material wealth, they are wealthy in the ways that count. They love one another unconditionally, and Michael's mother and father teach him the values he needs to go out on his own and be successful.

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