Michael drove to a friend’s house at a rate of 40 mi/h. He returned by the same route at a rate of 45 mi/h. The driving time for the round trip was 4 h.What is the distance Michael traveled?

llltkl | Student

Let the distance travelled by Michael each way be `d` miles.

Time taken by Michael when he drove to his friend’s house at a rate of 40 mi/h =`d/40` hrs.

Time taken by him on his return journey = `d/45` hrs.

By the given condition:


`rArr (9d+8d)/360=4`

`rArr (17d)/360=4`

`rArr d=(4*360)/17= 84.7058` miles.

Distance travelled each way = 84.7058 miles.

Hence total distance travelled =2*84.7058`~~` 169.4 miles.

Therefore, the distance traveled by Michael is 169.4 miles.

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