In Of Mice and Men, will Curly get revenge against Lennie?

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In Of Mice and MenCurley is able to experience his revenge against Lennie.

From the start of the novella, it is clear that Curley does not get along with Lennie.  Curley initiates trouble between he and Lennie in Chapter 2, sizing him up and acting hostile towards him because Lennie is a "big guy." In Chapter 3, thinking that Lennie is laughing at him, Curley starts a fight.  It does not end well for Curley as Lennie's intense strength breaks "ev'ry bone in his hand." Curley seethes with anger after the public embarrassment. When he sees his wife's dead body in Chapter 5, Curley demands on obtaining revenge for what Lennie had done to her.  It is clear that Curley is "still sore over what Lennie did to his hand."  Curley organizes the lynch mob to find and kill Lennie.  When Slim suggests that Curley stay with his wife's dead body, Curley protests and insists that he wants to go after Lennie.  There is a tone of vengeance to his insistence.

At the end of the novella, Curley finds George standing over Lennie's lifeless body.  Curley seems to relish in the fact that he has been victorious over Lennie.  Curley remarks that George “Got him, by God" as he goes over to look at Lennie.  He is content with the fact that Lennie paid the ultimate price. While Curley could not deliver it himself, the end he intended for Lennie actually happened.  In this way, Curley is able to experience his revenge against Lennie.


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