In Of Mice and Men, what are some quotes that show power vs. powerlessness?

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I think that some of the best examples of power and powerlessness can be seen in the way Lennie and George interact with their world.  

In the novella's opening chapter, George demonstrates frustration with his lack of agency. George's anger towards the bus driver is one such example:

The rims of his eyes were red with sun glare. He said angrily, “We could just as well of rode clear to the ranch if that bastard bus driver knew what he was talkin’ about. ‘Jes’ a little stretch down the highway,’ he says. ‘Jes’ a little stretch.’ God damn near four miles, that’s what it was! Didn’t wanta stop at the ranch gate, that’s what. Too God damn lazy to pull up. Wonder he isn’t too damn good to stop in Soledad at all. Kicks us out and says ‘Jes’ a little stretch down the road.’ I bet it was more than four miles. Damn hot day.

George voices anger about how the bus driver exerts power over Lennie...

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