Is Of Mice and Men still relevant today?

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readerofbooks eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The message of Of Mice and Men is still very important and applicable to today's world. 

We have come a long way since the Great Depression, but we still live in a broken world where there are many injustices. In light of this, it is good, even if it is depressing, to realize that the world is not a perfect place.  For instance, there are many immigrant workers today who live a very difficult life.  Many live in fear, lest they be detected.  Therefore, they feel displaced, alone, and alienated (like George and Lennie). 

If we look elsewhere in the world, there are also many migrant workers who have a difficult life.  The cities of China are an example.  Rural men come to work in the cities in construction, and they are cut off from their families and loved ones.  Furthermore, they are poor, and so they suffer greatly.  

In addition, if we look at what is going on in Syria, literally hundreds of thousands of people are very much displaced and in poverty. 

All of these examples show that the message of Of Mice and Men is still relevant.  There will always be a working class of men who barely make it. 

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