How is George a true friend to Lennie in Of Mice and Men?

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Of Mice and Men is mostly about friendship, and there are several moments where George's friendship with Lennie is very prominent. Right at the opening of the story, we learn that George promised Lennie's aunt, Clara, that he would look after Lennie after she passes away. This is indicative of George essentially assuming a responsibility to take care of Lennie. We later learn that George holds Lennie's work papers for him to protect them from being lost, another way George shows he cares for Lennie.

George also acts as a guardian overall to Lennie, sticking with him despite Lennie's frequent troublemaking and various mental challenges. The two cook dinner together and get ready for bed together, chatting with each other along the way. George often tells Lennie stories and cooks his food for him. One could even say that George could be considered a father figure for Lennie, protecting him and providing for him throughout the story.

Lastly, although it seems strange, George believed he was...

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