What are the methods by which paralegals may be regulated?

Expert Answers
brettd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Well, to clarify your question perhaps, the methods of regulation are fairly straightforward and simple - paralegals are regulated by licensing agencies and State and Federal legislatures.

If you mean what kind of regulations are there on paralegals in the United States, some of those include:

1)  They are not able to or licensed to offer anyone legal advice in any way

2) They are not allowed to present, argue or testify in court on behalf of someone who is a legal client of the firm

3)  They must operate under the direct supervision of an attorney when preparing documents

Paralegals are mostly involved in research in terms of legal precedents, document preparation for Attorneys to revise, approve and submit and paperwork filing.

Regulations and certification requirements vary from state to state, and from state to federal.