What are the metaphysical qualities we can see in the poem "Good Morrow" by John Donne?

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Here are some such features as you can build your answer upon:

1. The poem opens rather suddenly with a a typical Metaphysical shudder;

2. Donne employs a rather argumentative design as the lover addresses the beloved;

3. The title Good Morrow itself is a typical Metaphysical conceit and you will find such other condensed metaphors in the poem, e.g. the eyes of the lovers being called better hemispheres;

4. There are scholarly allusions/references, such as that of 'the seven sleepers' den and the theory of pure substance;

5. The poem moves from a past world of body to a present world of mind and thence to a future world of spirit'

6. The poem is strikingly dramatic and witty;

7. The poem initiates with a number of crucial questions, interrogation being the staple of Metaphysical search;

8. Unlike the Petrarchan convention, the poem celebrates the joy of mutual love.


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